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The dial (or more precisely its off-centered indicators) is available in three styles. Two oven-fired enameled dials are available on an 18K gold base. The first is in white and has steel hands with flame-blued accents, whereas the second is in black with the same hands as the subdials. Thirdly, a brass dial with a blackened finish is enhanced by the Clous de Paris motif. The dial is also complemented with 18 K gold hands.

The exposed parts of the movement are what give the face of the watch its aesthetic appeal. This is in addition to the sub-dials and enameled dials. The caliber has a similar appearance to the housing and is decorated with contrasted The main-plate, a few bridges, and the barrel of the constant-force mechanism are decorated with an anthracite ADLC, while the escape wheel, and the other bridges, which hold the power reserve display and escape wheel, are made of palladium-coated, light brass. The upper bridge is also bright, as it is made from light-hued titanium.

The Prized Movements with Four PatentsEven if the titanium watch's appearance was made with a great deal of detail, as one would expect from a piece of this quality, its true horological worth lies in its technical characteristics, embodied by its complex movement, which is what brought it to the GPHG Grand Prize in the first place. The movement, as well as the other components of the watch, was entirely designed and built in-house. Its creation required the development of four patents.

One of the features of this movement that is most notable is its constant force mechanism. This is one of the "holy grails" of watchmaking. The manufacturer improved and developed the traditional chain-and-fusee solution, making it more reliable. It also stayed true to its original purpose: a constant force transmission regardless of whether the mainspring is wound or not. It is of course of paramount importance to the accuracy of the piece.

The designers of the brand have created a new design that allows for this. A snail cam is connected to a mainspring barrel which lies on the same plane using a ruby link chain.Rolex Milgauss Replica This component, which ensures a very efficient transmission of force, is visible in the upper left corner of the face next to the subdial for the hours and minutes.